The Right Team for Your Banking Needs

A letter from our CEO, Eyal Lifshitz

June 16th, 2021

To our valued customers:

Team is everything. Without the right people, a business can only go so far. At Bluevine, we’ve built a team with shared values, passion, and grit since day one, and this extends to how we think about partners, too. 

When we chose Coastal Community Bank as our new bank partner for Bluevine Business Checking, we shared a mutual goal of providing an even better banking experience with small businesses at the center. Wherever you are in your business journey, Bluevine’s simple, fast, and integrated solution is built to meet small businesses’ most important needs, and with this new partnership, we’ll be able to invest in what matters most–creating an amazing customer experience and innovative products that will enable your business to grow. 

Here’s how we’re going to do it:

Investing in customer experience

  • We’ve invested heavily in our customer support staff since launching Business Checking, adding 75 people to our support team in the past few months. We will continue growing our team to meet customer demand.
  • We’re improving self-service on our website and in your dashboard, so you can easily find whatever you need online 24/7, on your own time.
  • We will enable a live chat function in the product in the second half of 2021, enabling customers another way to find solutions. It will be available on your dashboard, giving you a way to reach us if you have questions or problems you can’t solve.
  • We share a commitment to build and design products that are accessible to all customers, no matter their ability. We’ve made changes to the color contrast of our interfaces and text, and we are upgrading our UI library soon to make our product more accessible.

Developing innovative products

  • Bluevine’s banking platform doesn’t just end with access to checking and lending. We have ambitions to be an end-to-end banking platform, and that starts with building more advanced Payments features. Recently, we launched Bill Pay, which takes the stress out of paying your business bills. With Bill Pay with Credit Card, you can pay any bill to any vendor even if they don’t accept cards1, manage and free up your cash flow, build credit and earn rewards2 — all from your Bluevine dashboard.
  • We’re enhancing permissions and adding the ability to grant team members access to your checking account, with Account Access. This will allow you the flexibility to collaborate with team members and share the responsibility of managing your finances, including transfers, payments, and checks. 
  • We understand that you are always on the go, so a robust mobile platform is essential to your banking experience. We’re devoting more resources toward creating a seamless mobile app experience with added features. 
  • It’s not easy to manage your finances when you are also trying to manage your business, so we’re launching real-time actionable alerts via email and in your dashboard about your checking account activity. This way, you can receive notifications about what matters most to you.

Enabling your future growth

  • Capital is critical for small business success, and Bluevine increases access to the financing entrepreneurs need. We’re committed to expanding our access to our products by opening up our credit eligibility throughout this year and enabling easier access to capital with instant funding through our checking account.3 
  • It doesn’t take a finance degree to open a business, but it’s important to have financial literacy. As you grow your business, we’ll continuously provide financial resources on our blog to help you make the best decisions for your business.4
  • Bluevine is just getting started, and our banking products will grow with you. For example, our integration with QuickBooks Online ensures that your transactions automatically sync to your accounting ledger. This seamless connection between accounting and banking allows you to save time and reduce complexity with a tool that you’ll use from day 1 to year 20. 

Your hands are full managing and growing your business, and we have your back with a banking solution that brings the peace of mind you deserve. We look forward to bringing these solutions to life and growing with you in your business journey.

A sincere thank you to the thousands of customers who chose Bluevine for their business banking needs.