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As your business needs evolve, you’ll have both free
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Send money to vendors quickly and track payments from your dashboard.
Your payee also gets a notification as soon as you send a payment their way.


We’ll print and mail checks to payees for you.BVSUP-00073 You can also get two free checkbooks a year.BVSUP-00042

Standard and same-day ACH

Use free standard ACH, or hold on to your cash longer and pay bills faster with same-day ACH payments.BVSUP-00072

Wire transfer

Send payments fast via wire transfer, for a fee that’s significantly lower than the industry average.BVSUP-00106

International payment

Send money around the world in as fast as 24 hours.BVSUP-00082

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Stay on top of

Track status of payments from your dashboard and see when paper checks arrive at their destinations. Plus, view year-to-date payment histories by simply clicking on a payee’s name, instead of having to search and filter your transactions.

accounts payable.

Managing a high volume of bills every month? Streamline your accounts payable processes with automation that helps you digitize bills, approve payments with your team, and simplify reconciliation.

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You could save even more with our Plus and Premier
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FAQs about online bill payments.

Online payments empower you to electronically and securely pay vendors without having to manually write out a check and mail it. Bluevine lets you make or schedule payments in a variety of ways, streamlining the process so you can save time and focus more on growing your business.

Yes, you can pay bills with your Bluevine Business Cashback Mastercard® or other business credit card, even if they don’t accept credit cards. If you choose to pay by credit card, you can have your payment delivered via check, ACH, or wire.

Each credit card bill payment comes with a 2.9% fee.BVSUP-00019

Learn more about paying bills by credit card.

The fastest way to pay your vendors is to add them as a payee on your Bluevine dashboard. If your payee is one of our 40,000+ pre-verified payees—which we call “registered payees”—you can choose them from our list. If your payee isn’t registered, all you need is their zip code and your account number with the payee to send an ePayment via ACH. Learn more about adding a payee.

You can also send check payments if you have your payee’s address, or ACH and wire transfers if you have their bank details. However, if you don’t add your payee to your Bluevine dashboard, you’ll have to manually enter their information each time you make a payment.

From your Bluevine dashboard, you can pay bills via your Bluevine Business Checking account, an external account, or a credit card.BVSUP-00074 You can have your domestic payment delivered via free standard ACH, $10 same-day ACH, $15 wire transfer, or $1.50 check.BVSUP-00078 All payments made by credit card come with an additional 2.9% fee.

International payments are also available for $25 per payment, plus 1.5% of the payment amount (as converted to USD) for non-USD payments.BVSUP-00081

Processing times vary based on funding source and payment method. For more information on payment processing times, please read our support article.

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