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Set it and forget it with an accounts payable platform that makes it easy
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Four easy ways to
add bills.

Keep all your bills in the same place by adding them to your dashboard.

Snap a photo of a bill with your phone and we’ll automatically capture the details.

Upload a bill as a file so you don’t have to manually enter the information.

Email your bill as an attachment to your Bluevine dashboard.

Sync with QuickBooks Online.BVSUP-00056

Streamline your

Set up automated approval workflows to delegate tasks, cut down back and forth with your team and accountant, and automatically route payments to the right team members.BVSUP-00076

All the payment options you need.

Send money via standard or same-day ACH, wire, check, or international payment. You can also pay bills by credit card—even to vendors who don’t accept cards.BVSUP-00074

reconciliation a

Simplify payment and bill reconciliation with a convenient two-way QuickBooks Online sync.BVSUP-00056 Plus, view vendor payment histories in one click instead of searching and filtering transactions.

Add your team to help manage payments.

Choose from multiple permission options that let you control what team members can
do from their individual logins.BVSUP-00076

Authorized user

Add and pay bills, plus approve
payments. This option comes with
the ability to receive additional
admin permissions.


Set up payments and approve when
prompted, without seeing account
balances and details.


Set up QuickBooks Online sync,
download statements, and make bill

FAQs about accounts payable.

Accounts payable (“AP”) automation can help save your business time in the short term and money in the long run. By automating different parts of your AP processes, you can minimize manual tasks like data entry, reduce the risk of fraudulent and duplicate payments, and keep your bill payments on a schedule that helps optimize your cash flow.

Bluevine makes it easy to add bills to your all-in-one banking and payments dashboard—where you can manage and pay your bills from the same place you manage your business checking account.

From there, you can set up automated approval workflows to empower your team to collaborate on scheduling and reviewing payments, while you control user permissions.BVSUP-00076

With Bluevine, you can pay bills using your Bluevine Business Checking account, an external account, or a credit card.BVSUP-00074 Then you can have your payment delivered via check, wire transfer, or free standard ACH.

Credit card payments come with a 2.9% fee. Check payments have a fee of $1.50. Outgoing wires have a fee of $15.

You can also select same-day ACH payment for a $10 fee. Be sure to submit by 1:15pm ET for same-day delivery to your payee.

Yes, you can make bill payments with your business credit card to most vendors, even if they don’t accept credit cards. If you choose to pay by credit card, you can have your payment delivered via check, ACH, or wire.

Each credit card bill payment comes with a 2.9% fee.BVSUP-00074

Learn more about paying bills by credit card.

Processing times vary based on funding source and payment method. For more information on payment processing times, please read our support article.

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