Business CheckingGet more for your money
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Tired of getting nickel-and-dimed with bank fees? Get more and pay less with
Bluevine—our most active customers save up to $500 a year.BVSUP-00080

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  • No monthly fees

    Put your money into your business–
    not monthly fees, balance
    requirements, or minimum deposits.

  • Free ACH

    Pay your bills, receive payments, and move your money with easy and free standard ACH transfers.

  • Unlimited transactions

    It’s simple. You get an unlimited
    number of transactionsBVSUP-00043 and no fees
    on overdrafts or incoming wires.

Business checking with fewer fees.

Your hard-earned money should stay yours. That’s why we don’t charge
many of the fees other checking accounts do.

Bluevine logoOther business checking accountsBVSUP-00057
Minimum opening deposit$0$0-$250
Monthly service fees$0$0-$30
TransactionsUnlimited transactionsBVSUP-00043Transaction limits and/or fees
Overdraft fees$0$0-$36
Standard ACH fees$0Out: $0-$1
Incoming wire fees$0$0-$15
ATM feesNo in-network ATM feesBVSUP-00004N/A
Fee for checkbooks2 free checkbooks per yearBVSUP-00042Varies

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plans—with up to 50% off most standard payment fees.

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