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Line of Credit, Bill Pay, and more.

With Bluevine Business Checking, enjoy no monthly or overdraft fees, no incoming wire or ACH fees,BVSUP-00079 no in-network ATM fees,BVSUP-00004 no minimum balance requirements, unlimited transactions,BVSUP-00043 and two free checkbooks per year,BVSUP-00042 plus dedicated live support from our team.

Also, if you meet a monthly activity goal, you could earn 2.0% interest on balances up to and including $250,000––that’s 30x the national average.BVSUP-00065

Learn more about Bluevine Business Checking.

You can earn 2.0% interest on balances up to and including $250,000 when you meet one of the following monthly eligibility requirementsBVSUP-00065:

  • Spend $500 per month with your Bluevine Business Debit Mastercard® issued by Coastal Community Bank pursuant to a license from Mastercard Inc., which you can use everywhere Mastercard® is acceptedBVSUP-00049


  • Receive $2,500 per month in customer payments into your Bluevine Business Checking account via ACH, wire transfer, mobile check deposit, or directly from your merchant payment processing providerBVSUP-00050

Learn why Bluevine Business Checking is the only business account you need.

Interest is calculated as simple interest daily and credited monthly. Interest is computed on a calendar year basis. We pay interest only in whole cents. Therefore, at the end of each monthly interest payment period, any fractional amount of interest less than half of one cent will be rounded down and any fractional amount of interest equal to half of one cent or more will be rounded up to the next whole cent.

Learn more about how interest is calculated.

Our Business Checking customers have a straightforward fee structure. We don’t charge monthly fees, overdraft fees, incoming wire or ACH fees,BVSUP-00079 or in-network ATM fees.BVSUP-00004 We also don’t have a minimum balance requirement or limits on the number of transactions you can perform.BVSUP-00043

Learn how Bluevine’s fees compare to other business checking accounts.

Yes, Bluevine Business Checking deposits are FDIC insured up to $250,000 per depositor through Coastal Community Bank, Member FDIC. You can learn more about coverage on the FDIC website.

Required documentation may vary slightly depending on what type of entity your business is, but this information broadly falls into three categories:

  • First, we’ll ask for some basic information to create your sign-in: your full name, email address, mobile phone number, and a secure password.
  • Second, we’ll want to know about your business: trade name or DBA name, business address and phone number, EIN confirmation letter, annual revenue, entity type, and your industry.
  • Third, we’ll want to learn about you: home address and phone number, date of birth, SSN, and ownership percentage of the business. We may ask for images of the front and back of your driver's license. We’ll need this information for each person who owns 25% or more of the business.
For a detailed breakdown of what you’ll need by entity type, click here.

Bluevine Business Checking is designed for small businesses and currently only available in the United States. We don’t accept applications from businesses in U.S. territories or other countries.

Businesses in the following industries are ineligible for Bluevine banking solutions:

  • Illegal gambling
  • Pornography and paraphernalia
  • Firearms and paraphernalia
  • Illegal substances
  • Other controlled substances (including medicinal marijuana, marijuana, cannabis, and hemp) and paraphernalia
  • Penny auction companies, and bulk exchanges of virtual currency (e.g., cryptocurrency)
  • Political campaigns

  • Any eligible United States–based sole proprietorships, corporations, or partnerships are welcome to apply online.

    A Bluevine Business Checking account gives you a few choices for sending and receiving money.

    From your Bluevine dashboard, you can easily pay vendors or external accounts by check, ACH, or domestic wire transfer. We’ll issue and mail checks to vendors on your behalf for a small fee of $1.50 per check payment. Same-day ACH payments are $10 per transaction. Outgoing wires are $15 per transaction, significantly lower than the industry standard. You can also receive incoming domestic wires at no cost. We do not currently accept or initiate international wires.

    To add funds to your account, you can use the mobile check deposit feature in the Bluevine app or initiate a transfer from an external bank account using your Bluevine dashboard. To deposit cash, use services from our partner, Green Dot®.BVSUP-00039 To make a fee-free cash withdrawal, visit a MoneyPass® ATM.

    Yes, you can deposit both cash and checks with your Bluevine Business Checking account.

    Use the Bluevine mobile app––available in the Apple App Store and the Google Play store––to deposit checks from your phone. Mobile deposit makes it easy to add funds to your account on the go, as long as you have our mobile app, a properly endorsed check, and a well-lit area.

    If you have a minimum of $0.01 in your account, you can order two free checkbooks per year through your Bluevine dashboard.BVSUP-00042 Additional checkbooks are available for purchase. You can also deposit cash at 90,000+ Green Dot® retail locations. Find a participating location near you.

    Funds will likely become available between 1 to 6 business days. Please note that once the depositing process has begun, you cannot cancel the deposited check.

    Yes, you can withdraw cash fee-free from 37,000+ in-network MoneyPass® ATMs using the Bluevine Business Debit Mastercard®. For a list or map of ATMs, please visit the MoneyPass network’s ATM locator.

    You can also withdraw cash from out-of-network ATMs for a fee.BVSUP-00004

    As your business grows and operations become more complex, organizing all your finances through one account can become a headache. Instead, you can open up to five sub-accounts under your main Bluevine Business Checking account. Each sub-account has its own account number, making it easy to control which accounts your vendors, suppliers, or contractors can bill.

    You can send and receive payments into your sub-accounts, but you can’t order a debit card for or make cash deposits into them. If you meet a monthly activity goal, you can qualify for 2.0% interest on balances up to and including $250,000 across your main account and sub-accounts.BVSUP-00065

    Learn how sub-accounts can help organize your finances.

    Opening a Bluevine Business Checking account does not explicitly improve your chances of being approved for a Bluevine Line of Credit. However, by opening a business checking account with Bluevine, you can build transaction and credit history with us, which will help us evaluate your business more efficiently for future loans or lines of credit.

    Once you receive your Bluevine Business Debit Mastercard®, you can conveniently activate it in one of the following ways:

    • From your dashboard or mobile app: Head to the Settings screen to activate your card.
    • Over the phone: Call (888) 216-9619 and follow the prompts to activate your card.

    Need a new card? Easily report your card as lost or stolen and order a new one from the Settings screen.

    Yes, you can invite your partners and team members to be authorized users on your account, which gives them the ability to manage bills and make payments.

    You can also invite your accountant to access your Business Checking account with their own dedicated login, so you no longer have to share passwords and they can get all the transaction and tax information they need on demand.

    Learn more about additional users.BVSUP-00076

    No, Bluevine is not compatible with instant money transfer services at this time. We are compatible with many popular financial applications to help you streamline your transactions. For a list of apps we’re compatible with, check out our Guide to Connecting Financial Apps.

    There is no reason you can’t leave your old business checking account open, although it may complicate matters for your bookkeeper or accountant. You also might pay monthly fees for your old account that could be eliminated by closing it after your new account has been opened. Some business owners use different banks to organize their finances, though some business checking accounts let you add sub-accounts with dedicated account numbers to help you budget more easily.

    Most banks require an EIN or tax ID to open a business account. If you operate a sole proprietorship, some banks let you open a business account using your Social Security number. If you plan on switching banks, it’s a good opportunity to explore which entity is best for your business.

    Rather than physical branch locations, digital-first banks bring the experience to you in the form of intuitive apps and a simple user experience. This approach translates to a long list of benefits, including lower fees, higher interest rates, easier access, more convenience and an all-around better experience.

    The primary benefit of digital-first banking is time saving. You’ll save a considerable amount of time not having to visit your bank’s physical branch to conduct business. Plus, fees are usually lower if you bank with a digital-first bank because of its lower cost of doing business.

    Keep in mind that the FDIC insures online-only checking accounts up to the same limits as traditional brick-and-mortar banks.

    There’s always a chance you’ll experience issues when switching bank accounts. If you have any problems with your old bank, you’ll need to contact their support. Similarly, you may need to contact your new bank's support if the issue is on their end. That’s why it’s important to choose an account that’s known for having excellent customer service––so you can manage your finances with confidence.

    You can definitely switch banks to consolidate business checking and lending. Putting all your accounts under one digital roof is a great way to reduce fees and the time you spend shuffling through accounts. Just be sure you’re comparing interest rates and loan terms when choosing a bank.

    If your banking service provider offers both a business checking account and a line of credit, you might be able to access your line of credit funds faster when you have them deposited into that provider’s business checking account.

    A business line of credit gives you access to funding when you want it, up to your credit limit. Unlike traditional one-time loans, a Bluevine Line of Credit is “revolving credit,” meaning your available credit replenishes as you make repayments, so you can draw additional funds without having to fully re-apply. Though, all draws are subject to review and approval.BVSUP-00009

    Once approved for a credit line, you can request funds directly from your Bluevine dashboard. We’ll deposit funds in your account as soon as a few hours, pending review and approval. Depending on which repayment plan you qualified for, we’ll automatically debit your account for weekly or monthly repayments. As you pay off your balance, the amount of available credit you can request automatically replenishes.

    Because your repayments are calculated with simple interest, you can save on interest when you pay early. We don’t charge early repayment fees.

    Learn more about how a Bluevine Line of Credit works.

    You can apply for a Bluevine Line of Credit as long as your business meets the minimum qualifications and does not operate in one of the following ineligible industries or states:

    Ineligible industries

    • Illegal gambling
    • Pornography and paraphernalia
    • Political campaigns
    • Firearms and paraphernalia
    • Other controlled substances (including medicinal marijuana, marijuana, cannabis, and hemp) and paraphernalia
    • Financial institutions and lenders (including insurance, penny auction companies, and cryptocurrency)
    • Auto dealerships
    • Political campaigns

    Ineligible states

    • Nevada
    • North Dakota
    • South Dakota

    To qualify for a Bluevine Line of Credit, your eligible business must be a corporation or LLC in business 24+ months, with no bankruptcies in the past year, and in good standing with your Secretary of State. Also, your business must earn $40,000 in monthly revenue––or $480,000 annually––and you must have a 625+ personal FICO credit score.

    You can securely connect your business checking account so we can verify this information quickly and make sure you continue to qualify for your line of credit. If you don’t provide a bank connection, you’ll need to manually upload bank statements from the last three months.

    Learn more about how to apply for a Bluevine Line of Credit.

    For businesses organized as a limited liability company or corporation, we do not perform a hard credit pull at any point in our process, which means your credit score will not be impacted.

    For businesses organized as sole proprietors or general partnerships, we will only perform a hard credit pull after you receive and accept your offer.

    When you apply for a Bluevine Line of Credit, you could find out if you’re approved in as little as 5 minutes.

    Once your draw is approved, you can get funds deposited in your bank account in as quickly as a few hours if you choose our bank wire option ($15). Or, choose our fee-free ACH transfer option, which typically gets funds deposited the next business day, although it may take up to three.

    Depending on which Bluevine Line of Credit you’re approved for, your repayment schedule may be weekly or monthly. Repayments are automatically debited from your bank account, so as long as you have enough money in your account to cover the full amount, you never need to worry about missing a payment. You can also make additional payments or pay off any draw at any time.

    We offer credit lines up to $250,000, but your line amount will depend on what you’re approved for when you apply. Your available credit replenishes as you make repayments. Draw requests are subject to review and approval.

    As your business grows, your Bluevine Line of Credit can grow with it. We’ll proactively evaluate your business finances to see if you’re eligible for another increase. You may also be able to request an increase to your line of credit from your Bluevine dashboard.

    When you’re applying for a line of credit, a bank connection helps us make decisions even faster.

    Once you have an active line of credit, your connected business bank account saves you time from uploading statements manually every month. If you maintain a consistent balance in your external account, we’ll be able to confirm that you still qualify for future draws on your credit line. If you close or change bank accounts, you can easily connect a new one from your dashboard.

    Learn more about connecting an external bank account.

    Stacking loans or credit lines can negatively impact your credit line and lead to your Bluevine account being put on hold. Please reach out to us before applying for credit elsewhere by visiting our contact us page or calling (888) 216-9619.

    With funds in as fast as 24 hours, simple interest rates, and no prepayment penalties, a Bluevine Line of Credit lets you take advantage of growth opportunities early.BVSUP-00009

    You could use a line of credit to cover payroll during slow periods, hire full-time or seasonal employees as you need them, stock up on extra inventory during a sales rush, or buy materials or equipment for your next big project. You could also renovate your office, warehouse, or storefront, or lease a larger one.

    To apply for a line of credit, apply on our website. We’ll ask you for some basic information about you and your business. Once you apply, we could send you our decision in as little as five minutes.

    Just make sure you meet these minimum qualifications:

    • In business for 24+ months
    • Corporation or LLC
    • No bankruptcies in the past 3 years
    • In good standing with your Secretary of State
    • Business is operating or incorporated in an eligible U.S. state
      • Ineligible states include:
        • Nevada
        • North Dakota
        • South Dakota
    • $40,000 in monthly revenue
    • 625+ personal FICO credit score
    • An active bank connection or statements from the last 3 months (a connected account makes it faster and easier to confirm your information)

    Think of a business line of credit as funds your company can request and use if and when you need it. With a Bluevine Line of Credit, you only pay for what you use, and your available credit line replenishes as you make repayments on your draw(s). All draw requests are subject to review and approval. As you build history, the size of your credit line can scale with the size of your business.

    A business line of credit provides greater flexibility to your business, allowing you growth opportunities that might not otherwise be available to you. For example, a line of credit can provide financial stability if you encounter unexpected expenses or seasonal fluctuations in revenue.

    If you’re looking to boost your growth, you can purchase more inventory or operations equipment, or fund a new marketing campaign. If you’re expanding, a line of credit can help you open a new office or location, or it can support a new product launch.

    For your business to qualify for a Bluevine Line of Credit, you must have a personal FICO credit score of at least 625.

    Yes—you can apply for a Bluevine Line of Credit as a corporation or LLC.

    Yes—you can apply for a Bluevine Line of Credit if you have these two Taxpayer Identification Numbers:

    • a Social Security number (SSN) or Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN)
    • an Employer Identification Number (EIN)

    Online bill pay is a secure service that empowers you to electronically send payments to vendors without having to manually write out a check and mail it. Bluevine Bill Pay lets you make or schedule bill payments in a variety of ways, streamlining the process so you can save time and focus more on growing your business.

    Save time paying your business bills with Bluevine Bill Pay, a robust payments platform that lets you choose from payment options you know and sync with tools like QuickBooks® Online.BVSUP-00056

    Learn more about our bill pay platform.

    With Bluevine Bill Pay, you can pay using your Bluevine Business Checking account, an external account, or a credit card.BVSUP-00019 Then you can have your payment delivered via check, wire transfer, or free ACH.

    Credit card payments come with a 2.9% fee. Check payments have a fee of $1.50. Outgoing wires have a fee of $15.

    You can also select same-day ACH payment for a $10 fee. Be sure to submit by 1:15pm ET for same-day delivery to your payee.

    Yes, you can make bill payments with your business credit card to most vendors, even if they don’t accept credit cards. If you choose to pay by credit card, you can have your payment delivered via check, ACH, or wire.

    Each credit card bill payment comes with a 2.9% fee.BVSUP-00019

    Learn more about paying bills by credit card.

    The fastest way to pay your vendors is to add them as a payee on your Bluevine dashboard. If your payee is one of our 40,000+ pre-verified payees—which we call “registered payees”—you can choose them from our list. If your payee is not registered, all you need is their zip code and your account number with the payee to send an ePayment via ACH.

    Learn more about adding a payee.

    When creating a new payment on Bluevine Bill Pay, you can select the payment’s frequency as weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. As with all payments, you’ll also select a payee, payment type, amount, and date—in this case, the first date of your recurring payments. You cannot edit the frequency of an existing payment.

    To create a one-time scheduled payment, select any payment send date within the next year.

    Learn more about recurring payments.

    Yes, you can make or schedule multiple payments at the same time by selecting the corresponding checkboxes for the bills you want to pay in your dashboard.

    Processing times vary based on funding source and payment method. For more information on payment processing times, please read our support article.

    Seamlessly access both your business checking account and bill pay platform from your Bluevine dashboard. You can also easily use Bluevine Business Checking as your funding source for bill payments.

    Check payments $1.50 fee
    Standard ACH payments from Bluevine Business Checking
    (2-3 business days)
    Same-day ACH payments
    (must be ordered before 1:15pm ET)
    $10 fee
    Outgoing wires $15 fee
    Credit card payments 2.9% fee charged to your card

    When you make payments by check, we’ll issue and mail a check to your payee for you. Check payments come with a $1.50 fee. Or, you can choose same-day ACH payments for a $10 fee per payment.

    Automatically reconcile bills by syncing with QuickBooks® Online,BVSUP-00056 or easily forward bills to your secure Bluevine email address and manage them from your dashboard.

    You can also set up bill approval workflows with additional users to streamline your processes and cut down unnecessary back and forth.

    Once you’ve invited additional users to access your account, you can set up roles and permissions for authorized users and your accountant or bookkeeper to allow them to submit bill payments for your review.BVSUP-00076

    When making a payment to a payee, you can have it delivered via check. The best part: we’ll endorse and send the check for you, and we’ll automatically protect you against check fraud. Each outgoing check payment sent through Bill Pay comes with a $1.50 fee.

    Checks printed and mailed via Bluevine have advanced security features that help protect you against check fraud, so you can rest easy.

    Yes, you can easily sync your Bluevine account with your QuickBooks® Online account to import payee information and categories, and export accurate transaction data. This connection can also help you reconcile bills faster and make sure your numbers always line up when you close out your books and file taxes.BVSUP-00056

    With convenient payee profiles, you no longer need to filter and search for a specific payment. Simply click a payee’s name in your dashboard so you can view year-to-date payments and easily see whether you have an open balance.

    Sending international payments online is not only easy and convenient, it’s also fast. When it comes to making cross-border payments, doing it online can be both efficient and cost-effective.

    The best way to send money internationally may not always be the cheapest method. If you work with a decent amount of global vendors, you’ll want to find a payment solution that makes it easy for you to schedule payments––preferably online so you can do it from anywhere. It’s also important to use a payment tool that’s fast and transparent about its fees, so you know exactly what you’re going to pay before you complete your transaction.

    International payments are sent out 8am–5pm ET every business day, and can be received in as fast as 24 hours. Timing may vary based on the recipient bank and country, as well as whether the payment is sent during business hours. You can refer to the estimated delivery time you see in your dashboard.

    With simple, upfront pricing, we help you avoid unpredictable bank fees on international payments.

    • Payments sent in USD: $25 per payment
    • Payments sent in foreign currency: $25 + 1.5% of payment

    Here’s an example:
    If the exchange rate is $1.22 USD to £1 GBP and you’re making a payment of £1,000 GBP, you would pay a total of $1,263.30 USD.

    United KingdomGBP, USDGBP - British Pound, USD - US Dollar
    ChinaUSDUSD - US Dollar
    MexicoMXN, USDMXN - Mexican Peso, USD - US Dollar
    CanadaCAD, USDCAD - Canadian Dollar, USD - US Dollar
    IndiaINR, USDINR - Indian Rupee, USD - US Dollar
    IsraelILS, USDILS - Israel New Shekel, USD - US Dollar
    JapanJPY (<= 1M¥), JPY (>1M¥), USDJPY - Yen (1,000,000¥ or under), JPY - Yen (over 1,000,000¥), USD - US Dollar
    SwitzerlandCHF, USDCHF - Swiss Franc, USD - US Dollar
    PhilippinesPHP, USDPHP - Philippine Peso, USD - US Dollar
    AustraliaAUD, USDAUD - Australian Dollar, USD - US Dollar
    DenmarkDKK, USDDKK - Danish Krone - US Dollar
    ThailandTHB, USDTHB - Thai Baht, USD - US Dollar
    SwedenSEK, USDSEK - Swedish Krona, USD - US Dollar
    Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, SpainEUR, USDEUR - Euro, USD - US Dollar

    Most businesses are able to send international payments using our services. The only exceptions are businesses:

    • Based in Nevada
    • Categorized as finance, insurance, or mining

    The SBA Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) was specifically designed to aid eligible small businesses with forgivable loans during the Coronavirus pandemic. The latest government stimulus package committed $284.5B to PPP and allowed for second draws and simplified loan forgiveness.

    No, the program has concluded. However, we hope to help strengthen your business through our other checking and lending services.

    No. If Bluevine was managing your loan forgiveness process, we’ve sent you additional information by email. If your loan was provided through our bank partner Celtic Bank and your loan is under $150,000, you may apply directly with the Small Business Administration. If your loan was provided through Celtic Bank and your loan is over $150,000, we’ve sent you more details about how to apply through Celtic. You may contact them at (800) 509-6191 or PPPForgiveness@CelticBank.com.

    If your loan was provided through Cross River Bank, you should have received a welcome email from Scratch, a loan servicer working with Cross River Bank to manage your loan forgiveness and repayment process.

    One common scam fraudsters use to steal your identity is a phishing scam. In a phishing scam, the scammer(s) will pretend to be someone they aren’t in order to trick you into providing sensitive information. If you receive an email, text, or phone call from someone claiming to be from Bluevine, and they urgently want you to click a link or provide secure information like a password, one-time passcode, or PIN, that’s a scam.

    Other common scams include:

    • Downloading or getting you to download malware
    • Hacking/data breaches
    • Dumpster diving for secure information
    • Stealing your wallet or credit card(s)
    • Taking your mail
    • Swapping your SIM card
    • Calling you about fake lottery winnings, etc.

    A “spoofing” site is a website designed to look like a financial institution’s login page. When users land on the page and don’t realize it’s fake, they can accidentally provide their username and password to scammers.

    Always make sure the site URL is correct and check for any misspellings.

    If you think your account is compromised, act fast:

    • Freeze your credit with the major credit bureaus — e.g Trans Union, Experian, and Equifax
    • Follow these steps to freeze your Bluevine debit card (and cards at other institutions)
    • Reset your passwords—especially your email and any bank accounts linked to Bluevine—to new, unique passwords
    • Contact us so we can take steps to protect your account

    For more information, read this help center article.

    It’s important to make sure you’re actually speaking with someone from Bluevine. If you’re ever unsure, hang up the phone, go to your mobile app, and call the customer support number listed there.

    • We’ll never ask for your one-time passcode, password, or PIN
    • We’ll never contact you on social media asking for personal details
    • Check the email domain and be wary if it’s misspelled—customer support or fraud will have an email ending in “@bluevine.com”

    We should all join the fight against fraudsters trying to steal information. We work hard to continue to enhance our security features, and you can help by staying aware and never sharing secure information with anyone. You can learn more by visiting the FTC’s website and reading up on the types of scams fraudsters use.

    If you have any questions or want to talk with a support representative, you can contact us here.

    Have more questions?