Business Checking Streamline transactions by
connecting financial apps.

With Business Checking from Bluevine, you can connect your account to your favorite business tools to automatically sync transactions, manage your finances, and keep track of your bills.BVSUP-00060

The financial tools you need to
get in sync.

Plaid lets you connect Bluevine with a wide variety of popular financial tools to help your business run faster and smarter, with no additional fees from us.BVSUP-00054

If your business works with any of these tools, you can visit their websites with your Bluevine account information to connect.

Learn the basics of Bluevine sub-accounts so you can use them to simplify money management for payroll, expenses, taxes, emergencies, or other business needs.

Bluevine Partner

Never worry about manual entry mistakes again when you connect with QuickBooks — automatically sync your bills, transactions, bill categories, and payee information with QuickBooks Online.BVSUP-00056

Connect QuickBooks

  • Import bills and bill category information
  • Reconcile and pay from your Bluevine dashboard
  • Sync updates back to QuickBooks
  • Create custom reports


Connect WaveBVSUP-00059

Manage your business finances and more when you connect your Bluevine account.

  • Manage transactions
  • Identify cash flow trends


Manage your expenses easily in Expensify. Strengthen your back office by reducing manual entry and monitoring payments.

  • Track, approve, and pay your bills


Connect XeroBVSUP-00059

Easily connect your Bluevine Business Checking account to import bank transactions and send invoice reminders. Xero also gives you access to additional tools for your business.

  • Track receipts in one-click
  • Delegate access to employees

Cash App

Connect Cash AppBVSUP-00059

Link your Bluevine account to accept mobile payments.

  • Start accepting payments almost immediately


Connect VenmoBVSUP-00059

Send and accept standard Venmo transfers as well as track and organize transactions.

  • Get quick transfers

Wise (formerly Transferwise)

Connect WiseBVSUP-00059

Send invoices and payments around the globe.

  • Pay and get paid internationally


Connect SquareBVSUP-00059

Accept payments securely online and in person.

  • Payment processing methods to help your business


Connect GustoBVSUP-00059

Connect your Bluevine account to Gusto for payroll management and access financial planning tools. Pick the plan that works best for your budget.

  • Simplify Money Management

Where do I find my Bank Verification Letter?

Sometimes a bank verification letter is required by other financial apps to connect your Bluevine account.

You can find your bank verification letter by signing in to your online dashboard.

  1. Click Documents, located on the left-side toolbar.
  2. Select the Account Documents tab.
  3. Download your Bank Verification Letter.

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