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How to apply for a term loan.

Submit an application without impacting your personal credit score.BVSUP-00008

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Frequently asked questions

Bluevine provides business owners with customized financing options that meet their specific needs. When you apply for a Bluevine Line of Credit, you’ll also be considered for funding from our network of lending partners. Our partners offer a variety of funding options, including term loans.

When you apply for a Bluevine Line of Credit, you will be evaluated for a Bluevine Line of Credit and will also be considered for credit offerings, including term loans, from our third party lending partners. Applying and viewing an offer won’t affect your personal credit score. Once your application is submitted, you can get a decision in as fast as 24 hours.

Although each partner has unique eligibility criteria, common eligibility factors include:

  • FICO score, personal credit score
  • Number of years in business
  • Monthly or annual revenue
  • Business is in good standing with no bankruptcies

After accepting a funding offer from one of our lending partners, you’ll manage your loan directly through that lender.

No. Submitting an application and reviewing an offer doesn’t affect your personal credit score.  However, accepting an offer may result in a “hard inquiry.”

A term loan is a type of business loan in which you receive a lump sum upfront, which is repaid over a fixed schedule.

Term loans and lines of credit are two different types of business loans:

  • A term loan provides a lump sum upfront. You repay on a fixed schedule until you’ve repaid the full sum.
  • A line of credit provides access to ongoing funds from which you can request one or more draws  and borrow any amount up to your given limit. You repay only what you’ve borrowed on a fixed schedule.

Your repayment schedule and terms may vary and are determined by your lender.

No, Bluevine doesn’t offer term loans, but you can be considered for a term loan from our network of lending partners.

Yes, some of our lending partners offer a line of credit as well as term loans.

Yes, if a Bluevine Line of Credit isn’t right for you, you may still be eligible for a term loan or line of credit from one of our partners. If so, you’ll see one or more potential funding options from our lending partners. Please note Bluevine cannot guarantee that you will be presented with all available offers from our lending partners.

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