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Funds will likely become available between 1 to 6 business days. Please note that once the depositing process has begun you cannot cancel the deposited check.

Bluevine Business Checking offers no monthly, incoming wire, or NSF fees, dedicated live support, and lets eligible customers earn 2.0% interest on balances up to and including $100,000––that’s 30x the national average.

Meet one of the following monthly eligibility requirements to earn 2.0% interest:

Spend $500 per month with your Bluevine Business Debit Mastercard® issued by Coastal Community Bank pursuant to a license from Mastercard inc, which you can use everywhere Mastercard® is accepted


Receive $2,500 per month in customer payments into your Bluevine Business Checking account via ACH, wire transfer, mobile check deposit, or directly from your merchant payment processing provider

Plus, you can withdraw cash for free from 37,000+ in-network ATM branches through our partnership with the MoneyPass® network using your Bluevine Business Debit Mastercard® and your deposits are FDIC-insured up to $250,000 through Coastal Community Bank, Member FDIC. We also offer a simple, easy-to-use dashboard and mobile app to deposit checks, view your balance, and complete other everyday banking activities.

There are a few ways that you can send and receive money. You can easily make payments to vendors or external accounts through ACH or domestic wire transfers. Add funds into your Bluevine Business Checking account through a mobile check deposit, initiate a transfer from external accounts within the Bluevine Dashboard, or initiate a transfer within your external bank account outside of Bluevine. You can also receive incoming domestic wires at no cost. Outgoing wires are $15 per transaction, which is significantly lower than the industry standard.

As long as you maintain a balance in your account, you can also get 200 at no cost checks by ordering through your Bluevine dashboard, so you can write checks from your balance.

To use your Bluevine line of credit, here’s how it works: Once approved for a credit line, request funds directly from your dashboard. Funds are then deposited in your bank account in as fast as hours. Payments are automatically debited from your account each week or month over 6 or 12 months. As you pay off your balance, your available credit line is automatically replenished. Plus, because your repayments are calculated with simple interest, you can save on interest when you pay early. Bluevine doesn’t charge prepayment, or early repayment, fees.

To meet the minimum requirements for our Line of Credit, your business must have been in operation for at least 24+ months, be a corporation or LLC, have a personal credit score of 625+ or more, and your business must generate at least $40,000 each month in revenue.

Due to regulations, we also cannot provide lines of credit to the following states:

  • Nevada
  • North Dakota
  • South Dakota

If you don’t meet our Line of Credit requirements, you may be eligible for Invoice Factoring, which allows you to get a cash advance based on your outstanding invoices.

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