Business Loans How to make the most
of your line of credit.

Using a Bluevine Line of Credit is a simple way to get the funds you need. Here’s how to use those funds to boost your business.

Understand your line of credit benefits

  • On-demand funding.

    Draw and access funds in as fast as 24 hoursBVSUP-00077—or instantly with a Bluevine Business Checking account. All draws are subject to review and approval.

  • Pay only for what you use.

    No fees for opening, maintaining, prepayment, or account closure.

  • Access to revolving credit.

    Your available credit replenishes as you make repayments.

  • Financing that grows with you.

    Get the right credit limit for your business size at any stage.

  • Secure account access for
    your team.

    Invite users to create individual logins so they can help with draws, repayments, and more.

  • Build business credit.

    Increase your access to future loans by making timely repayments.

How to use your Bluevine Line of Credit


Request funds

Select the amount you’d like to borrow. All draw requests are subject to review and approval. We’ll let you know what your repayment amount will be before you request a draw.


Use your funds

Explore below how businesses in different industries can use a line of credit effectively.


Repay your draw on time

Pay back each draw with fixed weekly or monthly payments, based on your repayment plan. When your account is in good standing, your available credit automatically replenishes when you make repayments. To request a credit line increase, contact customer support.

Connect your primary external account to help us quickly confirm that you qualify for future draws or potential credit line increases.

Without a bank connection, you’ll need to manually upload statements for us to review every month, which could delay potential credit line increases.

Remain in good financial standing

Make sure to regularly review your FICO score and recent statements. Notify us with any significant changes to your business or business credit. For more information, see our guide for maintaining your credit line.

How to use a line of credit
in your industry

Use fast funding to get the job done

A business line of credit can help you cover expenses while awaiting a payment, hire additional staff, or fund a business expansion.

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Use a line of credit for:

  • Auto repair
  • Architectural and engineering design
  • Consulting
  • Financial planning and advising
  • Software and web development

Use fast funding to keep the shelves stocked

A business line of credit can help you manage cash flow, inventory, and unexpected expenses during seasonal fluctuations.
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Use a line of credit for:

  • Brick and mortar storefronts
  • Clothing and accessories stores
  • Electronic stores
  • Wholesale businesses

Use fast funding when insurance isn’t enough

A business line of credit can help you manage cash flow when payments from insurance companies aren’t fast enough, or when you suddenly need equipment repairs or upgrades.
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Use a line of credit for:

  • Health services
  • Medical science
  • Medical supply

Here’s what customers are saying about Bluevine Line of Credit

The flexibility to work with Bluevine is top-notch! I have both the checking account and the line of credit. Am able to instantly draw from the line of credit directly to my free checking account. They offer many free options, customer service is fast, and reliable and compared to other banks, Bluevine  truly stands out. I believe they look out for Small Businesses, and my experience from beginning to end has been wonderful. I look forward to continuing doing business with Bluevine.”

- Dayanara I, Angel Body Shop and Auto Repair

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