Business credit card How to use your virtual
credit card.

Virtual credit cards can be a convenient and secure
way to start using your Bluevine credit card account before and after your physical card arrives in the mail.

What is a virtual credit card?

A virtual credit card is a virtual version of your Bluevine Business Cashback Mastercard® that you can start using immediately. This virtual card has its own card number and can be used alongside your physical card. Both are connected to the same credit line. You’ll see your physical and virtual card transactions in the Credit Card tab of your Bluevine dashboard.

When you use your virtual card, your vendor will charge it just like a physical card. However, they won’t be able to see your primary physical card information, which helps protect your account from theft and fraud.

You can use your virtual card online as well as in-store when you add it to your mobile wallet—Apple Pay, Google Pay, or Samsung Pay. This will allow you to make purchases at tap-to-pay terminals with your phone.

How to access your virtual credit card

Easily access your virtual Bluevine Business Cashback Mastercard® directly from your Bluevine dashboard.

  1. Simply head to Settings and go to your Credit Card tab.
  2. Click the dropdown and select “View card details” to see your virtual card information.

How to add a virtual credit card to your mobile wallet

To make sure you’re getting the most out of your virtual credit card, it’s a good idea to add your virtual card info to your mobile wallet so you can use it for in-store purchases. Bluevine credit cards are supported in Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay.

  1. Open your preferred mobile wallet app
  2. Add a payment method
  3. Select credit/debit card
  4. Enter your virtual card details

Benefits of a virtual credit card

Advantages of using your virtual credit card include:

Use it immediately

As soon as you’re approved for a Bluevine credit card, you can use your virtual card to start earning 1.5% cash back on your purchases right away. Your virtual card number can be found in your Bluevine dashboard, in the Credit Card tab. You can also continue using the virtual card even after you receive and activate your physical credit card.

Separate your expenses

Keep your expenses organized by using your virtual card for online purchases, subscriptions, and trials—and use your physical card for all other transactions. Since theft is very unlikely with your virtual card, you probably won’t need to mark it as stolen and request a new card number.

Added fraud protection

Simply put, your virtual card won’t get stolen if you lose your wallet. You’re also a lot less likely to fall victim to theft because virtual cards allow you to make purchases online without sharing your physical credit card number with merchants.

Easy re-issuing

If your virtual card does somehow become compromised, you can easily report the card as stolen in your Bluevine dashboard. You’ll immediately be issued a new virtual card number without having to wait for shipping, and you can start using it right away.

Virtual credit card FAQs

Though your virtual card and physical credit card are connected to the same account, your virtual card has a different number and CVV than your physical card. You can add both to your mobile wallet by manually entering the card details, but your virtual card may be better protected from theft.

Yes, your virtual credit card number and CVV are different from your physical card and do not put your physical credit card’s number at risk of theft.

Yes, but your Bluevine virtual credit card doesn’t expire until your physical card expires.

Yes, both your physical and virtual card transactions will show up in your Bluevine dashboard under your Credit Card tab as a shared balance.

No, virtual credit cards actually come with added security benefits. Both your virtual and physical credit card offer fraud protection, but your virtual card makes you less prone to theft since there’s no physical card for fraudsters to steal.

Yes, your virtual credit card is accepted at most of the same places you can use your physical card. Virtual cards are mostly designed for online and electronic transactions, but if you’d like to use your virtual card in-store, you can add it to your mobile wallet and use it at tap-to-pay terminals.

Activate your Bluevine
business credit card.

Here are two simple ways to activate your new Bluevine Business Cashback Mastercard.