Business credit card How to add credit cards for your team.

As account administrator, you can designate your partners and trusted team members as authorized users or employees, and issue each a physical and virtual credit card.

How issuing credit cards to your team
can benefit your business.

If you’re the administrator, you can issue both a virtual and physical credit card to each authorized user or employee on your Bluevine account. This can help your business streamline expense management, plus give your team more spending power with enhanced security and fraud protection.

  • Purchases made by team members also earn 1.5% cash back.BVSUP-00086

  • See all transactions at a glance from
    your admin dashboard.

  • Issue, lock, or close your team’s cards
    from your dashboard.

Understanding roles and permissions.

Each role has different permissions to give you the flexibility you need to share account access with your team while keeping important financial information secure.

What can authorized users do with credit card access?

Your authorized users will be able to make payments toward the account balance and see all transactions made on your Bluevine credit card account. Authorized users are also able to send, schedule, and approve payments from your Bluevine Business Checking account. Administrators can edit these payment permissions at any time.

What can employees do with credit card access?

The employee role is different from an authorized user in that its account permissions are more limited. You can issue an employee a physical and virtual card that they can use to make purchases—while earning 1.5% cash back—and you can set user-specific spending limits. However, employees can only see their own card details and transaction information in their dashboard. Because of this, employees are not able to make payments toward your account balance.

How to issue and manage team credit cards.

How to issue cards to your authorized users and employees

  1. Navigate to Settings on your Bluevine dashboard or mobile app and click on the Credit Card tab.
  2. Click Issue a card
  3. Choose to issue either a physical or virtual card then click Next.
  4. Select a cardholder to receive the card and click Issue card. If you’re issuing a card to an employee on your account, you’ll also have the option to set a spending limit.
  5. Click Done on the confirmation screen. Your cardholder will receive a confirmation email with a prompt to sign in and confirm.

How to edit spending limits for issued employee cards

  1. Navigate to Settings on your Bluevine dashboard or mobile app and click on the Credit Card tab.
  2. Select the cardholder and card you’d like to change the spending limit for. A “Card details” modal will appear.
  3. On the card details modal, navigate to “Spending rules,” where you’ll see the card’s existing limit. Click “Edit.”
  4. Update the limit amount and click “Save.”

How to lock/unlock authorized user cards

  1. Navigate to Settings on your Bluevine dashboard and click on the Credit Card tab.
  2. Click the three dots next to the card you want to manage, then click Lock card or Unlock card. If the administrator locks a card, only the administrator can unlock it.

Once a card is locked, it won’t be able to make additional purchases, but any pending purchases may still be processed normally.

What are the benefits of issuing virtual cards to your team?

When you give your authorized users and employees access to virtual cards in addition to their physical cards, your team can unlock the full potential of the Bluevine Business Cashback Mastercard®.

  • Use your virtual card immediately.Start earning 1.5% cash back while your team member waits for their physical card to arrive, then use both cards alongside one another.BVSUP-00086
  • Keep your expenses organized.Virtual cards are connected to the same credit line, and you’ll be able to see all your additional users’ transactions in the Credit Card tab of your Bluevine dashboard.
  • Protect yourself from fraud.When your additional user makes a purchase with their virtual card, vendors won’t see your physical card information, which helps shield your account from theft.

See our virtual credit card guide for more information .

Activate your Bluevine
business credit card.

Here are two simple ways to activate your new Bluevine Business Cashback Mastercard.