Business credit card Get started with your Bluevine Business Cashback Mastercard®.

Follow this guide for a step-by-step introduction to
your new credit card.

1. Confirm your shipping address

After you accept your credit offer, tell us where you want us to send your card. If you need to manage your saved addresses, head to Settings on your Bluevine dashboard.

2. Set up automatic payments

Automatic payments can help you save time and avoid late fees.
Here's how to set them up:

  • Choose which bank account you want to pay from—this can be your Bluevine Business Checking account or any connected external accounts.
  • Enter the amount you want to pay each month. You have three options, and you can always change this later in the Credit Cards tab of your account Settings.
    • Last statement balance: Pay the full amount of your last statement. If you’ve already fully paid your balance, your account won’t be debited.
    • Minimum payment due: Pay the minimum amount due on your last statement. You may still be charged interest on your remaining unpaid balance.
    • Other amount: Pay a specified amount each month. If the amount is lower than your minimum payment due, you may be subject to late fees and interest payments on your unpaid balance.

To avoid payment fees, please ensure you have enough funds to pay your chosen amount.

3. Use your virtual credit card

Next, you'll be able to start using a virtual version of your Bluevine Business Cashback Mastercard®, which comes with its own additional benefits:

  • Use your virtual card immediately.Start earning 1.5% cash back while you wait for your physical card to arrive, then use both cards whenever you’d like.BVSUP-00086 If you ever need to, you can also replace your virtual card and instantly start using a new one.
  • Keep your expenses organized.Your virtual card is connected to the same credit line, so you can use your virtual and physical cards for different transactions and see them all in the Credit Card tab of your Bluevine dashboard.
  • Protect yourself from fraud.Vendors won’t be able to see your physical card information when you use your virtual card, which shields your account from theft.

If you want to view your virtual card information, head to Settings on your Bluevine dashboard and go to the Credit Card tab. Click the dropdown and select “View card details.” For easy in-store transactions using tap-to-pay, add your virtual card to your Apple Wallet, Google Wallet, or Samsung Wallet.

For more information, see our virtual credit card guide.

4. Activate your physical credit card

Once you have your physical card, click here and sign in to activate it. You must do this within 60 days of accepting your card offer. You can also activate from your Bluevine dashboard settings or by calling (888) 216-9619. An automated program will walk you through the steps to activate your card. You can also call this number 24/7 to:

  • Activate, lock, or cancel your card
  • Update your ATM PIN
  • Check your balance
  • Report a card as lost or stolen

5. Issue cards to your authorized users

If you’re the account administrator, you can issue physical and virtual cards for authorized users. These cards are all connected to the same credit line, so your trusted employees will also earn 1.5% cash back on purchases and you can see all account transactions at a glance from your dashboard.BVSUP-00086

Your authorized users will also be able to see all transactions on the account, but they’ll only be able to make purchases using their own cards. As account administrator, you can issue, lock, or close these additional cards whenever you want.

How to issue an authorized user card

  1. Navigate to Settings on your Bluevine dashboard or mobile app and click on the Credit Card tab.
  2. Click Issue a card
  3. Choose to issue either a physical or virtual card then click Next.
  4. Select a cardholder to receive the card and click Issue card.
  5. Click Done on the confirmation screen. Your cardholder will receive a confirmation email with a prompt to sign in and confirm.

Activate your Bluevine
business credit card.

Here are two simple ways to activate your new Bluevine Business Cashback Mastercard.