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external bank account.

Linking your external business bank account can help you get the most out of your Bluevine Business Checking account or Line of Credit. Learn how you can easily connect your accounts—and how it can help improve your banking experience.

What is a bank connection?

A bank connection gives us a read-only view of your external business bank account. That means we’ll only be able to see a line-by-line history of your most recent transaction data so we can make sure your business is eligible for Bluevine products and services. Connecting your external bank account helps Bluevine work seamlessly with your other business accounts, making payments and transfers from your dashboard even easier.

Are bank connections secure?

To connect your external bank accounts, we use a service offered by Plaid, which lets you link your other external accounts to Bluevine by logging in with your bank credentials. Plaid is fast, easy, and secure—Plaid communicates with your bank to keep your login information private.BVSUP-00054

Why should I link an external bank account to my Bluevine account?

For Bluevine Business Checking

Connecting an external bank account lets you easily transfer funds into your account via free ACH. You'll also be able to pay bills using your Bluevine Business Checking account or your connected external account.

If you meet one of the monthly activity goals, you'll earn 2.0% interest on your balance up to and including $250,000—that's 30x the national average.BVSUP-00005

When you link Bluevine Business Checking to an external account, you may see that you're connecting to Coastal Community Bank, Member FDIC. This is correct–we partner with Coastal Community Bank, Member FDIC, to offer Bluevine Business Checking accounts

For Bluevine Business Line of Credit

We use bank connections for initial underwriting when you apply for a line of credit, as well as ongoing review to confirm you still qualify for future draws and potential credit line adjustments. Using Plaid to link your account helps make our decisions even faster if you're applying for a Bluevine Line of Credit.

For current customers, your connected business account saves you time from uploading bank statements manually every month.

If you close or change bank accounts, you can easily connect a new one from your dashboard.

How do I connect my external bank account?

The first step is signing in to your Bluevine dashboard. From the External Accounts tab, you'll be able to establish a bank connection. Your external bank may prompt you to answer security questions before you link your accounts.

Be sure to enter the correct information for your username, password, and security answers. The most common reason customers are unable to connect their bank accounts is a password or username error.

Once you've successfully linked your external account, you'll be able to set it as your primary account if you'd like. For Line of Credit customers, we use your primary account to help determine how much credit your business is eligible to receive, so it should be the account that holds the majority of your business revenue.

Depending on which bank you use, you may have to go through additional steps to authorize the bank connection. If you're required to join a three-way call with Bluevine customer support and your bank to finalize the connection, you'll see a message in your dashboard to call our support team, who will help you every step of the way. Please be sure to call during business hours—Monday through Friday, 8am–8pm ET.

Linking your account through your external bank

If you want to connect your accounts through your external bank, here's the information you'll need to have handy:

  • Bluevine's routing number: 125109019
  • Your Bluevine account number, as listed on your dashboard

You can also provide our Bank Verification Letter, available on your Bluevine dashboard, which includes your routing and account numbers.

A note for Chase customers

If you're connecting your Chase business account to Bluevine, you'll need to verify your Chase account and routing number with us so we can authorize the connection.

Follow our step-by-step Help Center article for connecting your bank account.

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