Business Checking Sub-accounts 101

Sub-accounts make it easier to manage cash flow,
expenses, and budget–all while earning interest.BVSUP-00005

With Bluevine Business Checking, you can now add up to 5 no-fee sub-accounts to your existing Business Checking account, for a total of 6 accounts.

Sub-accounts come with all the same benefits you’re used to,BVSUP-00053 including no minimum balance requirements, no monthly or overdraft fees, and unlimited transactions.BVSUP-00043

Frequently asked questions about sub-accounts

Learn the basics of Bluevine sub-accounts so you can use them to simplify money management for payroll, expenses, taxes, emergencies, or other business needs.

What is a sub-account?

A sub-account is an account with its own dedicated account number that you can use in addition to your main Bluevine Business Checking account. All Bluevine Checking accounts have the same routing number, but each sub-account will have a unique account number.

How many sub-accounts can I open?

Currently, each Bluevine Business Checking account can have up to 5 sub-accounts. That means that you can have up to 6 active Bluevine checking accounts.

Who can open a sub-account?

Only your Business Checking account owner can open a sub-account. Once your sub-account is opened, all additional users will have access and can complete transactions, move money, and make payments across all open accounts.

Will each sub-account have a different account number?

Yes, each sub-account will come with a dedicated account number. This makes it easier to track how your money moves across your accounts and control which account vendors, suppliers, and contractors can bill. You can also order separate checkbooks if you’d like to make payments from one or more of your sub-accounts.

Will each sub-account come with its own debit card?

No, you will not receive a separate debit card for your sub-accounts. Your existing Bluevine Business Debit Mastercard® will still only debit from your main account.

How to add a sub-account to your Business Checking account

You can set up a sub-account from your Bluevine dashboard in a few simple steps.BVSUP-00055

  1. Click the dropdown by your Business Checking account number
  2. Select “Add sub-account”
  3. Enter a purpose and nickname for your sub-account
  4. Confirm that your beneficial ownership info is up to date

Once you’ve received confirmation that the sub-account was added, you’ll be able to transfer money, make payments, and more.

Learn more about how to add a sub-account

How we calculate interest across sub-accounts

Eligible customers earn 2.0% interest on balances up to and including $250,000 across all accounts, including sub-accounts. That means, as long as you meet the interest eligibility requirements, you’ll earn interest on shared balances across all your active Bluevine accounts up to and including $250,000.BVSUP-00005

Any interest you earn will be deposited into your main Bluevine Business Checking account.

Learn more about how to qualify for 2.0% interest

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