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Get more flexibility and control over how you organize your business finances with multiple accounts. Plus, eligible Business Checking customers earn 1.5% interest.BVSUP-00005

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Sub-accounts can help your business grow


Dedicated account numbersBVSUP-00053

Easily budget for taxes, payroll, emergencies, and other expenses with up to 3 total accounts.


No monthly fees, no minimums

Plus, eligible customers earn 1.5% interest on total balances up to and including $100,000.BVSUP-00005



Choose exactly which accounts your vendors, suppliers, or contractors can bill.

Manage multiple accounts from a single

BlueVine Business Checking is already a great way to manage your finances. With sub-accounts, you can
manage budgets, cashflow, and expenses even more effectively.

Main Account Sub-account
Main Account Sub-account
Incoming/Outgoing ACH Yes Yes
Incoming/Outgoing Wires Yes Yes
Dedicated Checks Yes Yes
Cash Deposit Yes No
Main Account Sub-account
Bill Pay/Payments Yes Yes
1.5% InterestBVSUP-00005 Yes Yes
Debit Card Yes No

Plus, earn 1.5% interest for doing business

Eligible customers can earn 50x the national averageBVSUP-00007 on balances up to
and including $100,000.BVSUP-00005

You’ll need to meet one of the following monthly eligibility requirements to continue earning 1.5% for any month going forward.


Spend $500 per month with your BlueVine Business Debit Mastercard® in-store, online, and through digital wallets or mobile payment platformsBVSUP-00049



Receive $2,500 per month in customer payments into your BlueVine Business Checking account via ACH, wire transfer, mobile check deposit, or directly from your merchant payment processing providerBVSUP-00050

50x The national averageBVSUP-00007

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BlueVine Sub-accounts

Control finances from anywhere

Manage your main account and sub-accounts anytime, anywhere using your BlueVine dashboard.

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