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BlueVine Payments: A better way to pay vendors and bills

How it works

Select a payee

Search from our directory of over 40,000 registered payees or easily add your own.

Choose a payment method

Pay any vendor by bank account. Pay registered payees by debit, bank account, or credit card (beta).

Your payee gets paid

Decide how and when your vendors get paid. Choose check, ACH, or pay by wire for same-day transfers.

Payments on your schedule

Make one-time or recurring payments today, or a day in the future. Pick a date, know when the payment will arrive, and never worry about late payments again.

Payments UI payform

Make payments anywhere, anytime

Manage payments on the go. Use our mobile app to easily set up one-time or recurring payments.

Say goodbye to check-writing

No more manual accounting. Organize your bills in one place and get a better view of money in and money out.

Maximize credit card rewards

Make paying your business bills count. Pay over 40,000 registered payees by credit card and keep earning.1

Support when you need it

Live support from dedicated professionals who understand small business needs.

BlueVine Payments comes with
business checking

Your BlueVine Payments account is provided together with BlueVine
Business Checking, a full-featured checking account built for small businesses.2

Business debit card which can be used everywhere Mastercard is accepted
Earn 1.0% on your balance
up to $100,0003
No monthly, NSF, or incoming wire fees
Unlimited transactions, no minimum balance required
Make transfers to your other accounts
Deposits are FDIC-insured to at least $250,000 through The Bancorp Bank, Member FDIC
Payments UI datepicker

Pay by credit card,
free up cash

Pay bills on time with a credit card to over 40,000 registered payees, even if your vendors don’t accept cards. Vendors receive the payment in their bank account.

Frequently asked questions

BlueVine Payments helps you improve cash flow by allowing you the flexibility to choose how you’d like to make payments to vendors, suppliers, or other 3rd-party payees. It’s quick and easy to pay bills by either credit card or your bank account as the source of funds. Next, select how your vendor will receive the funds, either by wire, ACH bank transfer, or check. 

Search our payee directory of 40,000 companies to quickly send an electronic payment or pay by credit card so you can preserve your cash on hand. It’s also easy to add a new vendor or payee in just a few simple steps.

This is bill pay, with newly enhanced features, built for small business.

Make one-time or recurring payments today, or a day in the future. Visit this support article for details on how to set up recurring or scheduled payments:

Pay any vendor by your bank account. Pay over 40,000 registered payees by credit card (2.9% transaction fee) or debit card. 

Any one of the registered businesses and/or billers listed on the Mastercard Remote Payment and Presentment Service (RPPS) Directory, which you can search for in your dashboard when you decide to make a payment.

Pay any of your vendors or bills through your bank account. You can schedule a payment to be sent at any time to any US business or bank account. To make sending payments easy, if the payee is one of 40,000 companies in our directory, all you need is their zip code to send an ePayment (similar to an ACH). Otherwise, you can simply enter the payee’s address to send a check. All registered payees may also be paid by credit card.

  • “You can pay via your bank account for free when you select check, ACH, or ePayment as the delivery method. Smooth your cash flow with payments to 40,000 registered payees by credit card (just a 2.9% flat fee).” 
  • When you pay with any of your existing credit cards, continue racking up points and rewards, and preserve cash.
  • You have the flexibility to make a one-time or recurring payment now or schedule for a day in the future. 
  • Make payments anywhere, any time. Use the BlueVine mobile app to pay bills on the go.
  • Enjoy a streamlined experience, where you can access BlueVine business banking services all from one user-friendly BlueVine Dashboard. 

BlueVine Payments was designed to make paying bills or vendors easy and convenient for business owners. All you need to make payments is the name and address for individuals and other small businesses, or the business name, zip code, and account number for larger vendors. 

BlueVine Payments allows your payee’s information to be conveniently stored in your account. Simply log in, select your payee, enter an amount, and you’re done.

For payments by credit card, there is a 2.9% fee of the payment amount. For outgoing wires, there is a $15 per payment fee.

BlueVine Payments is paired with BlueVine Business Checking. Seamlessly access both Payments and Business Checking from your BlueVine Dashboard. Use Payments to easily pay bills, vendors, or suppliers. Deposit funds into Business Checking to earn 1.0% interest on your balance, or use your BlueVine Business Debit Card anywhere Mastercard is accepted for your business expenses.23

Pay over 40,000 registered payees by credit card. While in beta, you may only send credit card payments to registered payees. If you manually add a payee that is not in the searchable directory, you may pay them by your bank account instead.

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