The Bluevine Debit Mastercard®,
for small businesses.

Simplify your work with added convenience
and safety features.

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3 quick and easy options to activate your debit card.

Spend $500 per month to earn 1.5% interest on your balance
up to and including $100,000.BVSUP-00005

From your app

Open the app, tap on Debit Card
from the Settings screen.

From your dashboard

Sign in, click on Debit Card from the
Profile & Settings page.

Over the phone

Call (888) 216-9619 and follow the prompts to activate your card.

Need a new debit card? Sign in to report your card lost/stolen and order from the Settings screen.

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Fund your account—it’s fast
and easy.

Add funds to your account from your phone or at a Green Dot® ATM location.BVSUP-00039

Deposit a check,
on the go

It’s easily done with your
Bluevine app.

Transfer money
with ease

From any checking account—we
offer flexible payment options.

Deposit cash

Visit your nearest Green Dot®—
choose from 90,000+ locations.

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Modern checking is here—save time, stress less.

Your debit card ensures quick and timely transactions—giving you more hours in a day to focus on things that matter.

Find a MoneyPass® ATM or Green Dot® at
your local pharmacy or grocery store.

Withdraw cash at any of the 37,000+ no-fee ATMsBVSUP-00004

Find nearest MoneyPass®

Deposit cash at any of the 90,000+ locationsBVSUP-00039

Find nearest Green Dot®

Choose speed and safety—go contactless
with mobile wallets

Link your Apple, Samsung, or Google mobile wallets to
your Bluevine Debit Mastercard®.

Added security for complete
peace of mind.

Your Bluevine Debit Mastercard® comes packed with extra safety measures to keep
you stress-free.

Your ID under lock
and key

Mastercard® ID Theft
Protection™ keeps your
personal information safe.

Suspicious activity

Get instant alerts in case
of debits above a pre-
specified threshold.

Complete protection,
zero liabilityBVSUP-00041

Breathe easy—we won’t
hold you responsible for
unauthorized transactions.

Lost it? Lock it, instantly

Think your debit card is lost or stolen? Don’t
stress, lock it immediately from your dashboard, or
by calling (888) 216-9619. You can even cancel the
card at any time.