Snapshot of Bluevine infographic charts about small business financial literacy.

Each April, the Jump$tart Coalition organizes Financial Literacy Month with the goal of promoting financial education and literacy, especially for young people. 

But accessible financial literacy resources are critical not only for consumers so they can manage their money, but for the millions of small business owners that support so much of the U.S. economy. The majority of small business owners report handling their own business finances, but less than half of them say they consider themselves financially literate. 

Building and running a business is no small feat, and understanding business finance shouldn’t be a barrier for achieving success. Read on for a snapshot of the obstacles small business owners face when it comes to navigating their finances, as well as for some tips and resources to manage business finances like a pro:

Infographic featuring statistics and data about small business financial literacy and behavior.

BlueVine provides banking tools to empower small businesses when it comes to their finances. For more resources to learn about financing, and managing a small business, check out BlueVine’s financial literacy glossary as well as resources available from the Small Business Association, or SCORE, which has the largest network of free volunteer small business mentors in the U.S.

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