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The Client: Jackie’s Cookie Connection

Jackie’s Cookie Connection has been satisfying the cravings of cookie-lovers everywhere since 1979. The business came into fruition during a late-night craving that founder Jacqueline “Jackie” Rozanski wanted to satisfy.

That convinced her to start a business that grew into eight successful store locations spanning the buzzing metropolitan areas of New York City and Washington D.C. When in the eighties, Jackie and her family moved to California, the company ceased operations, leaving behind a wealth of fans still craving their “Jackie’s Cookies”.

In 2014, nearly three decades later, popular demand for the cookies inspired Jackie’s daughter Rachel Galant to restart the business in Los Angeles. The legacy of Jackie’s Cookie Connection was about to get an exciting new chapter.

What the Business Needed

Cash flow to support growth

Jackie’s Cookie Connection has grown significantly through the last few years, but securing financing has remained challenging.

“In my mother’s time it was easier to qualify for a traditional loan,” Rachel said. “But we weren’t able to qualify for traditional bank loans because we were considered a young business.”

The biggest dilemma for Rachel is cash flow. Jackie’s Cookie Connection currently operates on a much bigger scale.

“We have grown to a 20,000 square foot facility,” Rachel said. “I’m buying thousands of pounds of butter—it’s completely different from my mother’s business model.” Along with the growing need for cash, the lengthy cycle from fulfillment to payments from customers meant waiting periods a lot longer than just “Net 30”.

How Bluevine Helped

Rachel decided to give Bluevine factoring a try after she came across the financing option on Quickbooks. She’s now an avid fan of factoring, which she views as financing which doesn’t carry a traditional debt load.

Invoice factoring allows her to turn her unpaid invoices into working capital that she’s able to use to buy supplies and cover other expenses.  “I love what this factoring has been able to offer,” Rachel said. “It’s not extra work for me. I get paid on all of my invoices without having to wait.”

Rachel uses the funds to stabilize her cash flow and to pursue bigger business opportunities. With the holiday season only a few months away, Rachel plans to release new holiday-themed treats. With Jackie’s Cookie Connection having recently launched at Costco, the growth shows no signs of slowing.

Rachel’s mission is to make Jackie’s Cookie Connection a household product. “We want to be in every pantry in America,” she said. Additionally, Rachel hopes that she can serve as an inspiration to other small business owners, especially women entrepreneurs. When asked what it takes to be a successful owner, she advised that every small business owner should “always keep the big picture in mind and try to have balance” in their lives.

About Growing Business With Bluevine

Our clients grow with us. They use Bluevine financing to address everyday funding needs and to pursue opportunities to take their business to the next level. This series aims to highlight the stories of small and medium-sized businesses that have grown and continue to grow with Bluevine.

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