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As we continue to navigate our new normal, small businesses are reopening at their own pace and according to guidance specific to their county or state. If you’re one of these businesses, you might be wondering how to stay on top of reopening guidelines for your area. We understand that you’re also focused on getting your business back on track, so have compiled some helpful reopening resources and tips below.

Heed the latest reopening guidance for your state

First things first: business reopening requirements vary by state. To help ensure you’re following the right guidelines, refer to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce for their state-by-state breakdown. You can also check your local chamber of commerce for additional guidance.

Follow proper safety protocols

Chances are, you’re already following proper safety protocols in your business and personal life. These include:

  • Social distancing: Keep at least 6 feet apart from others, and help customers maintain proper distance by placing markers 6+ feet apart on the floor of your business.
  • Wearing and requiring masks: Cover your nose and mouth with a proper face covering, like a PPE mask, regular mask, or bandana. To remind visitors to do the same, place a sign on your front door that masks are required upon entry. 
  • Frequently washing hands: Wash your hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds.
  • Providing sanitizer: Leave a bottle of sanitizer at the front door of your business so everyone can sanitize when they enter and leave.
  • Screening employees and customers: Depending on your business, you might want or need to screen employees, customers, and other visitors for COVID-19. This includes a screening questionnaire and temperature check.
  • Isolating when necessary: If you’re experiencing any symptoms of COVID-19, stay home until you feel better and consider getting a COVID test.

Regularly clean and disinfect 

Maintaining a clean environment at your business will help ensure safety for your employees and your customers. Not to mention, they’ll be more comfortable stepping foot inside your doors. Common cleaning and disinfecting protocols include:

  • Routine cleaning: Use soap and water to clean noticeably dirty surfaces and for routine, everyday cleaning.
  • EPA-approved disinfectants: Use EPA-approved cleaners for Coronavirus to disinfect commonly-used surfaces and objects, such as light switches, door knobs, bathrooms, counters, tables, touchscreens, point-of-sale machines, phones, etc.
  • Other disinfectants: If you can’t find EPA-approved disinfectants, you can use 70% alcohol solutions as well as bleach/water mixtures.

Soft, porous items—like rugs or upholstered chairs and couches—can be difficult to disinfect, so you might want to consider removing them from your business. 

Be safe when you’re cleaning

Because disinfectants have harmful chemicals, you’ll want to make sure you and your team are cleaning safely. This way, you’ll help minimize exposure to the Coronavirus as well as the toxic chemicals in your cleaning supplies. With that, here are five tips to clean safely:

  • Follow manufacturer instructions on cleaning bottles
  • Properly ventilate and/or use air filters to help control fumes
  • Don’t mix bleach with other cleaners
  • Wear proper PPE gear to prevent ingestion
  • Keep away from children

For any additional questions you might have about cleaning for COVID-19, check out the CDC’s tips here.

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