Eyal Lifshitz
Chief Executive Officer
A 3rd generation small business entrepreneur, Eyal co-founded BlueVine to provide businesses with an easier way to access capital. Before BlueVine, he was a Principal at Greylock IL and an Associate at McKinsey. Eyal holds an MBA from the University of Chicago, where he was a Carlton Fellow.
Nir Klar
Chief Technology Officer
A technology innovation leader with 20 years of experience, Nir has experience building large scale, web and mobile platforms and products. Prior to co-founding BlueVine, Nir was CTO for Planet SOHO and Media Layers. Nir received his BSc. in Computer Science from the Israel Institute of Technology.
Eric Sager
Chief Revenue Officer
Eric came to BlueVine to help SMBs with their everyday financing needs. Prior, he was Head of Sales and Head of Growth & Retention at Square. He began his career at Capital One and was a Principal with Bain & Company. Eric holds a BS degree in Business from Mississippi College and an MBA from Harvard Business School.
Ido Lustig
Chief Risk Officer
Ido has deep expertise in leading advanced risk analytics teams. With a strong hands-on background, Ido has managed the Analytical Components organization at PayPal and was in charge of multiple cross-organizational projects. He received his Bachelor of Law degree from Tel Aviv University.
Ana Sirbu
Chief Financial Officer
Ana leads finance, strategy and capital markets. She was previously an investor with Google Capital, where she led FinTech efforts. She has worked at the intersection of finance and technology for the last decade, including at Silver Lake Partners and Skrill. Ana holds a BA degree from Harvard University.
Sharon Carmeli
General Counsel
Sharon has 10 years of experience working with tech and industrial companies as a corporate lawyer. She comes to BlueVine from a TASE listed company, where she served as GC. Sharon received a Masters degree in Law from the University of Chicago, and is licensed to practice in NY and Israel.
Charles Amadon
VP, BD & Strategic Partnerships
Charles has over 10 years of experience driving strategic initiatives & large-scale distribution partnerships in financial technology & media. Prior to joining BlueVine, he was VP of Business Development & Partnerships at Bill.com. Charles received his BA degree from Georgetown University.
Uzi Halaby-Senerman
Vice President of R&D
Uzi has a vast experience in managing large teams and projects. Previously, Uzi held management roles at several technology companies, including managing the R&D group at GE Healthcare. Uzi holds an MBA from the Israel Institute of Technology and a B.Sc. in science of nature and mathematics.
Stuart Blake
VP of Sales and Customer Success
Stuart brings over a dozen years of sales experience to BlueVine; most recently from a leading publicly traded alternative lender. Having grown up around small businesses, he is motivated to see them grow and flourish. Stuart has a BA in Business Management from GSU, and attended the Rutgers School of Law.

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