Bluevine Expands in Israel to Bar-Lev High-Tech Park

Bluevine Expands in Israel to Bar-Lev High-Tech Park

At Bluevine, our mission is to empower small businesses through innovative banking solutions that are thoughtfully designed to meet their unique needs. To date, we’ve supported over 87,000 small businesses with our product stack and more than 300,000 small business owners through the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP).

Headquartered in Redwood City (CA) with additional offices in New Orleans (LA), Jersey City (NJ), Salt Lake City (UT), and Tel Aviv (IL), we’re now thrilled to announce our continued expansion with the opening of our sixth office in Israel’s Bar-Lev High-Tech Park.                                 

Being a reliable financial partner for small-to-medium-sized companies is more than just a commitment; it’s a responsibility. It’s our job to consistently improve our products and our technology to make sure that we measure up to the promises we make to our small business community. Achieving this comes down to many factors, not the least of which is growing our team and global presence. By expanding worldwide, Bluevine can tap into top diverse talent to elevate our business.

Expanding our Israel presence

Our Israeli founders Eyal Lifshitz and Nir Klar launched Bluevine right in Tel Aviv, so the company has deep roots in Israel. 

Our presence in Israel is as much tactical as it is cultural, though. Sitting at the forefront of fintech innovation, Israel is a hub for flourishing startups and disruptors within the financial technology space. The regional mastery of key technologies—including risk management, algorithmics, and security—makes this an ideal place to build a solid technological foundation for financial services. A high volume of exceptional talent and a wealth of expertise around global regulations and fintech business protocol add to Israel’s status as a leader in the space. 

To date, our team in Israel has been integral in the development of key innovations that have driven our success over the past eight years. The implementation of cutting-edge data science technology in our lending platform, for example, has allowed us to manage lending risk by quickly processing and analyzing information that factors into funding decisions. We have also used machine learning to more efficiently spot fraudulent actors and process loans, something which proved invaluable in meeting the unprecedented demand for PPP loans during the COVID-19 pandemic. Each of these functions is a direct result of our R&D efforts in Israel. 

The impetus for our continued expansion across Israel stems from this very reality; that the country offers a perfect tech ecosystem for continuously elevating the Bluevine brand and product offering. Our plan with the new office in Bar-Lev High-Tech Park is to further scale our R&D function to support product development as we seek to do even more for our customers. 

The draw of Bar-Lev High-Tech Park

Our company’s decision to open a second Israel office in Bar-Lev High-Tech Park was based on several factors. On a practical level, the new location offers tech workers residing in the North an opportunity to build careers closer to home. Not only does this create an enticing shift for engineers who currently make the commute from northern Israel to bigger cities like Tel Aviv and Haifa, but it gives us the chance to reach a pool of talented candidates and create new tech opportunities beyond Tel Aviv’s highly competitive market. 

Still, the expansion comes down to more than the convenience and logistics of a physical location; the regions in which we’re growing a Bluevine presence must offer a unique advantage and alignment with our core mission. Bar-Lev High-Tech Park is known for its diverse communities, so it lends itself perfectly to Bluevine’s commitment to inclusive hiring by allowing us to build a team as diverse as the businesses we aim to serve. 

Embracing the tech opportunity

Scaling our products calls for consistent technological upkeep and innovation, from building complex platforms on the backend to automating deployments and leveraging configuration management. 

As we build out our new team in the Bar-Lev High-Tech Park office, we’re looking for ambitious, detail-oriented frontend developers, Python developers, and DevOps engineers to help us optimize and elevate our technological systems to make the most significant impact. 
If you’re looking for meaningful work, a fun team, and great career growth opportunities, check out Bluevine’s open roles in Bar-Lev High-Tech Park.