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Bluevine has doubled the credit line size for its invoice factoring product to up to $5 million, underscoring the online business lender’s push to offer fast and flexible working capital financing to small and medium-sized businesses.

Bluevine also increased the limit for its business line of credit product to $200,000 from $150,000, making its Flex Credit product an even more attractive financing option for larger or fast-growing companies.

“In just four years, we’ve dramatically increased our invoice factoring credit line to $5 million, and our business line of credit to $200,000,” Bluevine CEO and founder Eyal Lifshitz said. “We continue to be fully committed to providing business owners with robust financing options to help them thrive.

Bluevine helped Mindstar Aviation unlock capital trapped in unpaid invoices. The Virginia-based company, which develops and writes software for flight simulators, used to wrestle with cash flow gaps while waiting for customers to pay their bills, which often took 45 days or longer.

Bluevine allowed Mindstar to get cash advances on those invoices.

“Because we have Bluevine in place to make a purchase, we could proceed immediately,” said Johnny Johnson, the company’s executive vice president. “We don’t have to wait, which could impact a project timeline. Bluevine financing is easy. It’s quick. No hassle. Bluevine is not nickel-and-diming people, charging fees here and fees there. It’s really straightforward and easy to understand.”

A business line of credit from Bluevine enabled entrepreneur Jesse Urrutia, owner of MarketME Video Production in San Carlos, California, to take on bigger clients and grow his business.

“In the past, if I didn’t have cash to pay for a production, I would just turn down the project,” Urrutia said. “It’s ridiculous to turn business down because you don’t have the money. Bluevine fixed that for us.”

Bluevine also announced the opening of its new office in Jersey City, New Jersey, from where the company hopes to better serve customers and partners on the East Coast. Aside from its headquarters in Redwood City, Bluevine also has offices in New Orleans and Tel Aviv.

Bluevine revolutionized business lending with a highly automated, completely online invoice factoring platform that allows businesses to get advances on unpaid invoices.

In 2016, Bluevine introduced a 6-month business line of credit called Flex Credit based on weekly payments. The company introduced a 12-month line of credit based on monthly payments in 2017.