Bluevine office

Business News Daily took a look inside the Bluevine office and talked to the founder about Bluevine’s origins, its culture — and why a chicken visited the Bluevine office.

CEO Eyal Lifshitz shared the story behind Bluevine, a company that provides financing to businesses that have working capital tied up in invoices.

Bluevine’s culture emphasizes creativity in everything we do. We had one colleague whose young son loves animals, and another who owns chickens, so we arranged a guest appearance in the office. And how did we make sure the chicken didn’t leave a mess? We got creative with a chicken diaper! We aim to bring the same level of creativity to our client service.

I was inspired to start Bluevine by my father. He owned a physical therapy clinic and struggled with delayed payments from clients. I later worked in venture capital, where I saw an opportunity to bring the creativity and customer focus of Silicon Valley to bear on small business financing.

One of the biggest challenges we face is getting our message out. Businesses that have used others in our industry love our transparency and service, and those who are new to invoice financing love the ability to focus on growing their businesses instead of managing their bank account. We have grown very quickly, but helping small businesses understand that they have an option besides waiting on payments from their customers can be a big challenge.

An interesting thing about our business is that everyone in the Bluevine office chips in with their talents. We have someone who leads an afternoon yoga break, another teammate whose husband painted the art on our walls — and we obviously have someone who can provide a chicken!

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