A letter from our CEO: Celebrating 10 years of Bluevine

A message from Eyal Lifshitz, co-founder and CEO of Bluevine:

A lot can happen in 10 years. Technology gets more advanced. Priorities shift, convictions are tested, challenges come and go. And if you’re lucky, you can look back a decade and be inspired by how far you’ve come.

As we celebrate Bluevine’s 10th anniversary, I consider myself extremely fortunate. I want to thank everybody who’s been part of our journey—all the small business owners, current and former employees, partners, investors, and anybody who’s supported our mission over the years. Without you, Bluevine would not be what it is today.

Committed to our mission

Since 2013, we’ve been laser-focused on building digital banking solutions that make life easier for small businesses. With that mission in mind, we’ve been able to innovate on behalf of our customers by listening to them and ensuring their voices have a seat at our table.

Through these conversations, we continue to identify their most pressing pain points, so we can create as much value as possible with every new product, service, feature, or enhancement we launch. Everything we deliver is driven by our unwavering dedication to small businesses. Not just to their needs, but to their success.

Turning our vision into reality

Just like any other company, we’ve had to balance our vision with the versatility and agility it takes to react to changing market conditions and customer feedback. Ultimately, fortune favors the bold. We know exactly where we want Bluevine to go, but we need to be flexible enough to find different ways to get there.

As we continue to expand our offering, our big-picture vision will always be to create the ultimate one-stop banking experience for small businesses, so they can seamlessly move money, pay and get paid, save and access capital—all from one convenient place.

Thank you again to those who’ve helped Bluevine thrive in its first 10 years. The landscape of small business banking has never been more exciting, and our opportunity as a company has never been greater.

Looking back on the last 10 years, and having a front-row seat to Bluevine’s growth from five to 500+ employees, I am truly inspired by how far we’ve come. And that inspiration is what propels me toward our ultimate goal: becoming the most loved business banking platform in the U.S.