Bluevine Unveils Scholarship Program for Young Entrepreneurs


(Note: Applications for the 2017 Bluevine Scholarship for Entrepreneurs are now closed. We announced the winner on June 21. Rules and the deadline for the next scholarship round will be announced in the fall.)

If you’re a student dreaming of eventually starting your own business, Bluevine wants to help you succeed.

Bluevine Entrepreneur Scholarship

Bluevine, which helps small businesses address their working capital needs with access to fast funding, is offering two $5,000 scholarships to college or graduate students interested in pursuing careers as entrepreneurs.

Bluevine has worked with some of the most promising small-business owners around the country. Education helped prepare many of them in their careers. Bluevine is launching this scholarship program to create opportunities for future entrepreneurs.

The Bluevine Young Entrepreneurs scholarship program aims to motivate and support aspiring business owners in undergraduate and graduate programs related to entrepreneurship. The scholarships will be offered in the spring and fall semesters.

Bluevine is launching the scholarship program to recognize the contributions of small businesses to their communities, employees and communities.
Small businesses play a critical role the nation’s economic growth, and Bluevine wants to reward young people looking to make a difference as entrepreneurs.

How to Apply

The Bluevine Young Entrepreneurs Scholarship is open to any full-time student who is at least 18 years old. The applicant can be a high school senior with plans to go to college or is already in an undergraduate or graduate program.

Applicants must have a minimum GPA of 3.3 to be considered. One scholarship will be awarded in the spring, and another in the fall.
Each applicant must submit a 600 to 800-word essay on what drives his or her passion to start a business. The essay must include details on how the scholarship can help the applicant succeed in school and later as an entrepreneur. The applicant must answer the question: How will education prepare me for the challenges of being a small-business owner?

If you’ve already been involved with business ventures at a young age, tell us about your experiences in the essay We want to hear about your goals and what makes you motivated to build a professional business career.

The Bluevine Young Entrepreneur scholarship program aims to reward students with passion for entrepreneurship and who have demonstrated a drive and determination to succeed.

If you have any questions about the Bluevine Young Entrepreneurs Scholarship, send an email to