Terms of accrual interest: effective for accounts opened November 1, 2020 and later

Interest Rate1.00%
Balance Cap for Interest Accrual$100,000 maximum balance to earn interest
For customers who signed up before November 1, 2020 this will be effective as of December 1, 2020.

Interest Calculation

Interest is calculated as simple interest daily and credited monthly. Interest is computed on a calendar year basis. We pay interest only in whole cents. Therefore, at the end of each monthly interest payment period, any fractional amount of interest less than half of one cent will be rounded down and any fractional amount of interest equal to half of one cent or more will be rounded up to the next whole cent. If Customer closes Account before interest has been credited to Account on the regular interest payment date for Account, no interest for the final interest payment period will be paid for that period.

Subject to Change

The interest payable on interest-bearing accounts and the methods used to calculate interest are subject to change from time to time, and Customer will be given notice of any of these changes in accordance with applicable law.

Interest begins to accrue for an account on the business day we receive credit for the deposit. For cash, wire transfers, and electronic direct deposits, interest begins to accrue on the business day of the deposit. We use the daily balance method for calculating interest. This method applies a daily periodic rate to the balance each day a balance is maintained, which is based on its balance (also called your present or ledger balance). We reserve the right not to pay interest on any deposited item that is returned to us unpaid.

View terms that were effective Jan 1, 2020 – November 30, 2020 for accounts opened as of October 31, 2020.