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Company News

BlueVine has doubled the credit line size for its invoice factoring product to up to $5 million, underscoring the online business lender’s push to offer fast and flexible working capital financing to small and medium-sized businesses.

BlueVine also increased the limit for its business line of credit product to $200,000 from $150,000, making its Flex Credit product an even more attractive financing option for larger or fast-growing companies.

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BlueVine has named Ana Sirbu as chief financial officer in a management milestone for the fintech leader.

Sirbu became BlueVine’s vice president of finance and capital markets in 2016, helping the online business lender secure more than $200 million in equity and debt financing over the past two years.

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Why I Decided To Be A Chief Revenue Officer

In early 2016, I met with an entrepreneur named Eyal Lifshiftz, who had led his company BlueVine to become one of the fastest growing fintech startups in the country.

Over dinner in Palo Alto, we talked about his vision for BlueVine and of the need to ensure customers have a consistently amazing experience at every stage of their relationship with the company.

We agreed that such a need can be addressed by creating a new executive position: chief revenue officer. Eventually, Eyal asked if I would consider taking on that role at BlueVine.

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