BlueVine customer Crush & Lovely

THE CLIENT: Crush & Lovely

Founded in 2004, Crush & Lovely is a New York-based strategic design company that helps businesses with their strategy, design and content creation.

Their clients include nonprofits and Fortune 100 companies, says CEO Matt Blanchard. One prominent client is National Geographic, whose transformation from an iconic monthly print magazine to a digital content producer got a boost from Blanchard’s team.

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THE CLIENT: Optimus Outcome

Optimus Outcome uses technology to offer health services to children with autism, and to help their parents manage their care. “There’s a huge, unmet need for care,” says CEO and founder Jonathan Wright. Care often isn’t delivered in an efficient manner, nor does it make use of technological innovations.

A veteran of the enterprise software industry, Wright was introduced to the problem by a former colleague, Amol Deshpande, whose son has autism. Deshpande also helped fund Optimus Outcome and is an advisor for the company which is thriving, Wright says. “We had revenue since day one, and it’s been growing astronomically.”

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Small Business Loans BlueVine Guide

You need money to start, sustain, and grow a business.

The good news for small business owners and entrepreneurs is there are now many more financing options available. But you need to understand your choices in order to make the smartest decisions for your business.

In most cases, your decision will be based on why and how soon you need the financing. Here are 3 business scenarios and the top financing options to consider.

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online small business lending is poised for more growth

For online business lenders, 2016 was a rough year.

Two prominent fintech companies saw their market valuations drop. One small-business lender abruptly stopped issuing loans temporarily due to performance issues, while another was forced to shut down. The industry as a whole faced heightened skepticism about its growth prospects. Taken altogether, it was a sudden about-face from the “wild west phase,” when fintech companies seemed poised to dominate the lending market.

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