Why Stacking Can Hurt Your Business

You just got a small business loan. But you need more funds for your business, so without informing your original lender, you apply and get approved for more financing with a different lender.

That’s called stacking, or taking on extra debt on top of existing loans in order to have more funds for your business without telling your primary lender.

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Understanding Your Invoice Factoring Agreement

“Misdirected payments.” “Minimum Sales Commitment.” “Reserves.”

Are your eyes starting to glaze over? We don’t blame you. Invoice factoring has been around for thousands of years, but it seems like the terms have only gotten more complicated.

The invoice factoring agreement is a financial contract that details the costs and terms of your plan. It is important to study and understand it because invoice factoring sometimes involves terms and provisions that are hard to discern. In fact, a contract may even impose fees that weren’t covered in your initial proposal.

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Every small business faces periods of lumpy cash flow. Often times, this uncertainty comes on the heels of an unforeseen cost. These expenses could be a whole host of unique reasons — a new large order with high material cost or a broken machine that has production at a standstill.

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BlueVine has doubled the credit line size for its invoice factoring product to up to $5 million, underscoring the online business lender’s push to offer fast and flexible working capital financing to small and medium-sized businesses.

BlueVine also increased the limit for its business line of credit product to $200,000 from $150,000, making its Flex Credit product an even more attractive financing option for larger or fast-growing companies.

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