How Fintech Is Helping Small Business Owners Succeed

I love my Monday morning commute. It’s a strange thing to say since we know millions of Americans suffer the Monday blues.

But it’s true: I eagerly wait for those 45 minutes with a certain childlike glee. And the reason is a podcast program called How I Built This. The show features interviews with successful entrepreneurs and the path that led them to success.

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THE CLIENT: Funky Planet

Paul Abondano and his brother Sebastian design and sell several lines of radio-controlled helicopters, quadcopters, and cars from their Florida-based company Funky Planet and its sister-company Grooyi Toys.

It’s not an easy business. Kids get swept up in free-to-play mobile games and when there is a new “hot toy” it often fizzles out after a few months. Flexible and reliable financing is definitely important, Paul says. Unfortunately, they didn’t find it in “old-school lending.”

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Are you in the market for a small business loan? Before signing the dotted line, make sure you’re working with the right lender and have a rock-solid understanding of what it will take to pay back your loan on time.

Your answers to the questions below will reveal if you’re ready to accept that loan or not.

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THE CLIENT: Conveyant Systems, Inc.

Conveyant Systems, Inc.’s products can save lives when disaster strikes.

Consider what happens after someone has a heart attack inside a large office building. A witness calls 9-1-1, but the dispatcher might not be able to easily identify what floor the call is originating from, or where on the floor the caller is located.

One of Conveyant Systems, Inc.’s products, Sentry E911 Emergency Response Management solutions (ERM) can help the emergency response team pinpoint the caller’s precise location. It can even be setup to notify on-site security or medical personnel who can then provide assistance until the emergency team arrives.

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BlueVine helped SaviLinx became one of the fastest growing firms in the country.


SaviLinx offers technology support and business processing services to big companies and government agencies. The Maine-based firm is growing fast. In fact, it was recently named one of the fastest growing private companies in the country by Inc. Magazine.

That’s pretty impressive for a four-year old company, and it’s partly thanks to BlueVine, says founder and CEO Heather Blease: “I will say that BlueVine was really an important part of our growth.”

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