Invoice paid

Getting paid late by your clients can be a source of frustration for small business owners. Your clients may be habitually late for all of their payments. So while it seems tough to entirely change their patterns, you can help them make adjustments with a bit of strategic coaxing and polite boundary setting.  Read more

The “lean startup” philosophy is now broadly accepted as the gospel in startup circles, and even corporations like Intuit are embracing “lean startup” ideas.  At the heart of lean thinking, is the idea of delivering the most value to your customers in the shortest amount of time, using the least resources possible.
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Why Taking Good Notes Can Get You Paid

Getting contracts signed and invoices paid is the backbone of any small business. Having these items reviewed and returned in a timely fashion will either lead to your business’ evenly-growing success or its untimely failure.  Read more

How to shop for a Small Business Loan

This article written and submitted by Chinwe Onyeagoro, CEO of FundWell. Why it’s important to look at more than the interest rate when shopping for a small business loan? Interest rate is very important, but other factors such as loan product type, terms, customer service, and lender proximity are also key considerations. Read more

Designers, consultants, freelancers and other boutique creatives can spend hours drafting proposals – a process that can be labor intensive, yet often unpaid – before they see a dime from prospective clients.  Read more