10 Time Management Tips for Small Business Owners

No one ever said running a small business was easy. Small business owners work long, hard hours yet rarely seem to accomplish most of what they set out to do. No wonder a recent survey shows business owners rank time as their most valuable commodity, even before computers. Read more

How to Optimize Net Working Capital

Net Working Capital is the measure of cash or liquid means a company has available for running its day-to-day operations. It represents an essential element for operating a business. By ascertaining Working Capital a company determines if it can meet its short-term financial obligations. Read more

Marketing a small business? Apps Worth Your While

Unlike employees of big companies who can always seek help when they need it, small business owners often have to do most of the work on their own.  Small business owners have to wear many hats in the business, taking care of marketing, sales, finance, HR… Read more

How to Calculate the True Financing Cost

Small businesses often seek financing to fill a temporary cash flow gap, cover an unforeseen expense or invest in business growth. When looking for financing, business owners consider several things, including the amount needed, payback schedule, and obviously the cost. Read more