THE CLIENT: MarketME Video Production

Jesse Urrutia invested in his love for video production by starting MarketME Video, a full service visual content company located in the San Francisco Bay Area that specializes in videos for Kickstarters, corporate, and lifestyle brands.

“There’s not as much profit as a small business owner,” he says. “Prioritizing costs, putting profit back into the business, managing clients and project timelines. On top of taking care of my son. But video is a passion for me, it’s a lifestyle choice.”

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Why I Decided To Be A Chief Revenue Officer

In early 2016, I met with an entrepreneur named Eyal Lifshiftz, who had led his company BlueVine to become one of the fastest growing fintech startups in the country.

Over dinner in Palo Alto, we talked about his vision for BlueVine and of the need to ensure customers have a consistently amazing experience at every stage of their relationship with the company.

We agreed that such a need can be addressed by creating a new executive position: chief revenue officer. Eventually, Eyal asked if I would consider taking on that role at BlueVine.

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Your success as an entrepreneur is often measured by how fast you grow. This is especially true in the world of venture-backed startups where the predominant attitude is the faster, the better. Your ability to grow fast is how you’ll be judged by your investors, your employees, the people you’re trying to hire, your competitors and the media.

In fact, the need for speed can sometimes become an obsession, especially for Silicon Valley entrepreneurs. You hire, expand and raise capital as quickly as possible. You iterate and innovate as fast as you can.

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BlueVine, the online business lending pioneer, has been named Best Business Finance Provider in North America at the 2017 Trade Finance Global Awards.

The awards, given by the London-based international business finance network and information hub, cited BlueVine’s “innovative credit solutions and products” and the Silicon Valley fintech company’s expanding role as a provider of working capital financing to small and medium-sized businesses.

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